About us

We mainly manufacture The High-end Audio/Video Cables and LED lights, such as The Hi-Fi & Home Cinema Cables, HDMI/DVI Cables, Displayport Cables, LED Tube Lights,LED Bulb Lights.  Having a batch of senior technological scientific research personnels, adopt German technology, independent research and development a whole set of digital A/V cable drawing technology , A/V cable production equipment,  and offer the high quality for the whole world and only transmits the system. We are an HDMI adopter supplier, we are an HDMI certificate manufacter, all our HDMI cables can support 1080P and meet 1.4v standard, and all our cables met RoHS standard, and we also have the DPL, CE, ISO, UL ..... certificate.

Company follow the quality policies of" miscarrying sample, high quality services, contribute the society, create future" always.

We also offer IEEE 1394 of the mere interface equipment networkedly for the electrical home appliances;Offer the key technology of accusing of only accuses ofing from the electricity for technological transformation of the traditional industry Have eminence in mind and proceed with small place, since doing in the thin place, The ratio of performance to price of guaranteeing the products finely, this is your demand, is the our asking too. 

The company is market-oriented with advanced technology, the fine products, first-class service. If you are a user, we are fulcrums of your success; If you are an operator , we are your happy partners ; If you are a policymaker , we are your eternal friends.

The customer’s demand, is the cause that we seek assiduously;