Common Question

1、What kinds of cable product SKW sales?

SKW provide single color molding HDMI cable, double color molding HDMI cable, premium metal shell HDMI cable, flat HDMI cable mini HDMI cable, micro HDMI cable, DVI cable, digital fiber optical cable, USB2.0/USB3.0 cable, display port/ mini display port cable, audio/video cable, Hi-Fi cable, HDMI adaptors, HDMI splitters and switches and so on 

2、What kinds of LED Lights product SKW sales?

SKW provide LED tube light, LED downlight, LED ceiling spotlight, LED bulb light, LED parking lot light, LED high bay light, LED flood light, LED street light and so on  

3、How about the HDMI cables?

HDMI is a pioneer in digital transmitting cable family. Combining video and audio into a single ditigal interface. HDMI is building on the features and benefits of DVI, adding new capabilities, maintaining full backward compatility with DVI. It can carry high quality multi-channel audio data and can carry all standard and high-definition consumer electronics video formats. It can also carry control and status information in both directions. With a conpact interface. HDMI can transmit higher quality digital video signals and supports digital audio frequency including DVD-Audio,etc.HDMI is widely used for transmitting signals from Set-Top Boxes.HDTV and other audio visual cources to television sets,projectors and other video displays.

4、How about the LED lights?

LED lights, with fashion appearance, convenient to install, can  replace the traditional light directly, 90% energy saving than traditional lamps. High quality high brightness LED light source adopts the imported chip with high quality, luminous efficiency is as high as more than 90 lumens, no ultraviolet and infrared, no radiation. Adopt high efficiency constant current power supply environmental protection, no stroboscopic,no delay,stable performance and power efficiency as high as 90%.

5、How to buy SKW products?

1. If you Want to buy SKW products, please browse the web, choose your favorite products, then contact us.
Specific contact see page "contact us" section

2.You can also log in our official online store, contact the clerk, direct purchase.

6、How about the quality of SKW products?

SKW products have passed the strict certification, such as CE, ROHS, FCC, 3C, UL, DPL, ISO certification, etc
If you want to see the specific certifications, please browse the web in the "certification" section

7、How about the after-sales service of SKW products?

SKW products have perfect after-sales service.

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